Welcome to SteadiDrone USA. SteadiDrone USA offers ready to fly (RTF) drones and DIY drones for aerial photography and videography. It is now possible to use our drone camera platforms to easily create professional photos and videos. Our drones are tested, assembled, configured and available for customization. Several RTF drone platforms are available, depending upon your needs and budget.

Quadrocopter QU4D

The SteadiDrone USA Quadrocopter QU4D is a versatile and durable carbon fiber unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) drone that is perfect for aerial photography and videography. Other features in the quadrocopter kit include anti-vibration roll axis gimbal, a new foldable arm, and two flight modes. The quadrocopter for sale kit comes fully assembled  and ready to fly.Learn More

QU4D Airframe

 The 2014 SteadiDrone QU4D is the sweetest high performance multirotor system available! It has a whole host of new features to make operation easier and more fun. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt from 2013 and feedback from owners around the world and created an all new ultra compact, high quality, performance quadcopter.
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The new standard in rapid deploy long endurance multirotor systems, it’s here, now. Here it is, the all new 2014 SteadiDrone QU4D X! A long endurance heavy lift workhorse for an endless viriaty of everyday operations. With 60+min flight times, a payload capacity of well over 8kg the QU4D X confidently hovers above the rest of the competition, in quality, features and affordablity!

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